Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Main Office: Abrams Hall, Room 109B
P: (318) 767-2603
F: (318) 473-6548

The LSUA Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE) performs a broad category of work to serve the University.  In support of LSUA’s Mission Statement, IRE maintains timely and accurate reporting standards to both external and internal customers.

The office is tasked with two main areas of responsibility:

  • Research - Collecting, analyzing, and reporting both quantitative and qualitative data encompassing students, faculty, staff, curriculum, course offerings, and degree programs.
  • Effectiveness – Measuring learning outcomes and ensuring institutional effectiveness standards are met through documentation and performance measurement against the University’s mission.

The office is currently staffed by the Director of Institutional Research, Dr. Steve Cox.


  • Stephen Kim, Ph.D
    Director of Institutional Research and Institutional Effectiveness
    Office: Oakland 107
    Phone: (318) 473-6449